Post no. 7 ~ Little Thorin Cartoon

My friend over at I Want to be a Pin-Up gave me a wonderful idea. To create various cartoons, of course RA-related characters. Since I once create Little Guy (the little guy in my header, looking rather sad) and other variations of the Gisborne character, I thought – why not try to get back on that track? The first suggestion I got: Little Thorin. Rather appropriate since Thorin is such a hot topic at the moment. And if there are other suggestions… feel free to share them with me! Can just as well be a Little Guy again, I don’t mind.

Little Thorin and horse

This is not one of my best artworks, but in my defence (I say this a lot) I haven’t done anything like this in years. Besides, my scanner is broken so I had to take a picture of the original sketch and blah blah blah… You know, complicated stuff. And then paint it by hand in Elements since I sold my tablet a year ago. I will probably make other Little Thorins when I’ve bought new pencils and paper!

38 thoughts on “Post no. 7 ~ Little Thorin Cartoon

  1. So cute!!! You have a real flare for this. Have considered doing cartoon panels each week? Serious, they would be a big hit. More please!

    • Thank you so much! Yes, something like that. I think it would be fun. Starting out with creating each character. And then maybe do a little cartoon panel thingy where they do something together. :-)

  2. This is fabulous! If it isn’t your best work, I can’t imagine how wonderful your best actually is. :) I hope you do more cartoons of the chaRActers, you have such a talent.

  3. I’m not gonna tell you I told you so, but…! It’s wonderful! You are so freaking talented! Please, keep going! I’ love to see cartoon versions of all RA characters. How about John Standring and his sheep :)

  4. Delightful, my boy! Delightful. We’d all love to see more of Mr. A’s characters. :D Keep up the good work. You’re creative, imaginative, talented and quite a lot of fun. ;)

  5. Really cute, you are very good at this, love to see more, no pressure of course. x

  6. I love Little Thorin! he’s so cute. Thank your for sharing, gisbornesboy.

    PD. If doesn’t bother you, I wish I could see Little John Porter :)

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