15 thoughts on “30 day Richard Armitage challenge, day #7

  1. Great choice! I don’t know how anyone could watch this scene and not laugh. :) Haven’t watched it in a while, may be time for a Dibley marathon.

  2. A wonderful scene from a show filled with hilarious moments. Another one I love is the “one kiss–with tongues” scene. I have often wondered if the way Dawn scoots up under Richard’s arms when he is leaning over and they are discussing how sinful indeed it would be to be in debt was scripted or improvised by Dawn. There is something in RA’s reaction that makes me think it was not scripted, as if he was rather surprised when she did that. And i love how he takes off his glasses and waggles his brows before that. He’s just so adorable. *sigh*

    • I know, I know! Sigh… I love him as Harry, the way he portrays him.. Just perfect! I love that scene as well, but I always wish to be able to SEE their first kiss!

      • Me, too. Would have been lovely. Richard’s description that Harry is the character most like him in Real Life just makes one melt a bit. As one of the other ChaRActers said about him in Sloth Fiction, “EVERYBODY loves Harry!” I was just thinking how good it is we have this role of Richard’s. He gets to laugh and show off that infectious grin, he’s completely charming, his characters gets to live past the final credits AND gets the girl. Must have been a nice break from the angst of playing Guy. ;)

      • Yes, same here! Always, always wished they hadn’t cut before the “kiss with tongues”! I love the dinner scene when Harry keeps interrupting Dawn and his line “they are probably some very gripping accountants” always cracks me up. Harry is certainly one very gripping accountant!

    • Always wondered about that moment, too. :) It sure seems like he was genuinely surprised. And (maybe it’s just me), she seems to give a devilish look just before she slides under his arm.

      I waffle about wanting to see their first kiss. Although it would be so so sweet to watch, I think it might be one of those things better left to the imagination. (My imagination has them sharing a N&S-like kiss … and then heading over to the sofa to make some hefty kiss down-payments for future possible debts. ;) ) For me, that makes the kiss at the doorway all the sweeter …


      • Strictly in the line of duty I’ve just got the DVD out and watched that scene again ( it was tough but someone had to do it). I think her ducking under his arm was probably rehearsed ( something to do with the positioning of his hands and the distance he is from the table suggests he placed himself do that Dawn could easily get into the kissing position and so the camera angle was optimised) but I also think Dawn did something he didn’t expect which made him laugh- maybe she tickled him or pinched him. She’s clearly got a wicked sense of humour and I can imagine her being a bit naughty on this, the final show.

        I would have tickled him if I was her anyway so perhaps it’s just wishful thinking!

  3. That is such a great scene! I’ve always loved Dibley (it is filmed near where I grew up so I know the village well) and RA joining the cast was perfection. I heard dawn French wanted several takes of the kissing scenes – I can’t say I blame her!

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