Cartoon #6 Little Thorin Oakenshield and Baby Smaug

Little Thorin Oakenshield and Baby Smaug 

Every weekend, either Friday, Saturday or Sunday, there will be some kind of cartoon involving RA chaRActers, mostly when they interact with each other, but also single portraits of the chaRActers. They will say things in some, they will be silent in others, and there will be comic strips as well, amongst other stuff.

And also, I will not be doing any more black and white cartoons, this is just for now. Enjoy!

27 thoughts on “Cartoon #6 Little Thorin Oakenshield and Baby Smaug

    • Thanks… I tried to make him look dangerous at first, but then changed my mind. I also made an effort to draw this mother in the background, sleeping… But… no. LOL. She looked even worse!

  1. Just been lurking and peeking in with my daughter. We are absolutely loving this! Keep up the amazing work. Very much looking forward to seeing what’s next :)

  2. “No you can’t have any of my ice-cream!” (From Trouble at the Dinosaur Café). LOL This cartoon must be my favourite so far! Beyond adorable! Congrats, GB! :D

      • Yes PLEEEEEEASE do!!!! “Cbeebie Richard” is quite simply the cutest ever!!! Those T-shirts, those jeans…and those smiles! *sigh*

      • I made a sketch of all four Cbeebie Richards last night. Just need to spend some time at the computer to draw and colour those. But since I only publish *one* cartoon drawing every weekend, I guess you all will have to wait 2-3 weeks until you can see Cbeebie Richard and his mates. ;-) Because I already have other cartoons for this and next weekend. But hm, it all depends… If you want to see the Cbeebie one today, and get another cartoon on Sunday instead of Friday. Need some thinking… I don’t know. ;-)

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