30 day Richard Armitage challenge, day #15

A role you would love to see him in.

Well, this is a tough one. I like many of the roles he has play this far, and there are more awesome roles to come I am sure. But as a gay boy man, I would love to see him in a cute, funny, genderbender, queerish role of some sort. Might not be to his liking, I don’t know how he feels about the whole LGBTQ-community, that’s not really any of my business anyway, so… But it would be fun to see him play gay (although, that’s not really a “role”), but in a romantic comedy movie.

I really like this movie, even though it is a bit nuts at times. But the main character is so cute, and I really like him. Richard would fit right in, in my opinion.

But if I wouldn’t choose a romantic comedy for Mr Armitage to be in, I have another idea… The main character in The Love Patient (the movie I linked just a while ago) is played by the actor Benjamin Lutz. I find him very attractive and an excellent performer. To have Richard Armitage play a baddie of some sort, maybe keep this Benjamin Lutz guy as a hostage somewhere… But then falls for him. This romance thingy develops. That would be awesome. It’s like the Stockholm Syndrome but also the other way around… And real love, not an illusion… Oh I don’t know…

Picture sources: RichardArmitageNet.com, Google.com

7 thoughts on “30 day Richard Armitage challenge, day #15

  1. Would it be a cop out to say i’d like to see him in virtually anything?

    However, if i have to narrow it down, i am currently reading The Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness, as recommended by the ladies at AA@RAC due to the leading man/ vampire bearing a striking resemblance to RA. I’d like to see him in the film adaptation of that.

    I’d also like to see him in a musical because i’d love to see him sing and dance. Captain Von Trapp? With all those cute little children dressed in curtain fabric… my ovaries might well explode!

  2. Hi Gisby! I would love to see RA in a film that:
    1) doesn’t require weapons, just his intellect and humor;
    2) he gets a nice girl to love and who loves him and they make beautiful babies together (Sorry, I’m hetero girl here. Ha! But you rock on sweetie!);
    3) he keeps his velvety British accent; I’m a yankette and I looooove his voice!
    Cheers! Grati ;->

  3. I second what Grati said. I’d also love to see him in something intelligent, quirky and original. Be it a comedy or a drama, gay or straight love interest, English or American accent, I don’t care as long as it’s well written and showcases his acting ability. Some examples of the kind of films I’d like to see him act in: Breaking and Entering, Little Children, Notes on a Scandal, Venus..things like those. Anything Jude Law can do RA could do too IMHO!

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