The Armitage dReAmland Project

Something just hit me. I got an idea, a project I want to start with . . . A BIG one. More or less,
“The Armitage dReAmland Project”.

It will involve cartoons, of course, loads of them. But I will need your help . . .

My plan is to create a big freaking painting. Not really a painting but some kind of illustration. But before I start – I won’t finish this project in like a day . . . I will keep myself busy for a long time, on and off, since school starts in two weeks (11 days). This creation will be detailed, even more detailed than my previous cartoons, which is why this project will take time.

The Armitage dReAmland Project – the idea is to draw all of Richard Armitage’s characters. At least the ones below:

(PrintScreen of’s Picture Gallery)

I haven’t seen Casualty and Doctors, but I will include those characters anyway. Just because I WANT TO include ALL of RA’s characters, except Smug Man At Party. He won’t be joining our party.

Apart from drawing these 25 characters, I will let you guys decide 1-3 people you want each character to have as company. For example; for Guy – Lady Marian, The Sheriff and Allan A Dale, or something like that. Again, I have no idea about Casualty and Doctors, and I’m not sure every character of his even has got 1-3 “friends”, but we can try at least.


  • Choose 1-3 other characters as company for as many RA characters you’d like (they have to be in the same show, example; John Porter can only be accompanied by other characters from Strike Back)
  • Tell me where you want them to be! On a meadow, outside a large castle, in the forest, in a small village, in the city, on an air balloon . . . ? Or a mixture of them all? They can be anywhere!
  • Pick one scene from each show, involving these characters, you want me to recreate in this illustration.


I don’t know how many of you *like* this idea, but I hope as many as possible will help me get this project started! Now, I will continue with another project I’m doing together with I Want to be a Pin-Up. Stay tuned!

11 thoughts on “The Armitage dReAmland Project

  1. Hi, great idea!!! here are my choices:
    * John Porter & Katie Dartmouth (Strike Back). In a forest. the scene where they’re sleeping together, while they’re holding hostage…. uncovered faces, please :P
    * Monet, Bazille & Renoir (The Impressionists). anywhere at any time.

    I hope you have fun making this project :) thanks for letting us participate.

  2. What a lovely idea! How about Harry and Geraldine in a giant puddle? Or Ricky Deeming ( George Gently) with his boy pal riding on the back of his bike?

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