30 day Richard Armitage challenge, day #20

Something you would say if you met him.


Honestly, I don’t know. If I ever get the chance to see him for a second, I’m not sure I would even say anything. I mean . . . It’s so surreal to me. Do I even want to meet him? Well, sure, of course. But that would be a once in a lifetime moment, for me anyway. How can one possibly figure out something to say to him? I don’t know. I can write a book about what I WOULDN’T say to him, but to find that little golden word . . . It’s really hard. He basically saved my life, what can I say to that? “Thank you?” No . . .

21 thoughts on “30 day Richard Armitage challenge, day #20

  1. I’ve though about this a lot, actually. Suppose I had just one brief opportunity to tell him something–what would it be?
    “Richard, thank you for always giving your best to every role and to making us believe in and care about the characters. You’re an inspiration in so very many ways.” I figure that is better than gushing “I’m your biggest fan!!!!” right?? ;) Tons more I’d like to say, but trying to keep it brief. I’ve also thought of telling him, “Thank you, Richard, for being–YOU.” :D

      • I cringe at the thought of something like that coming out of my mouth in a really gushy manner. *sheepish look* I may be a fangurl, but I don’t want to come across as some middle-aged “OMG it’s Richard and he’s sooooooooo HOT!!” type. I mean, I do think that he’s HOT, but you know. I’d want to be cool about it. ;)

  2. Me: Bwwaaahaabbleee agzzyym whkaa *starts drooling* bwaaata autograph fwa *nervouse tick develops in left eye* braafjjka camera picture *security knocks me down and takes me away*
    I must never be allowed to stand face to face with the man!

  3. I really love the idea of a simple “thank you” it means everything :-)
    I think I would go to extremes. On one hand, I can be very shy in public and I wouldn’t dare to approach him, so I’d go mute or worse, I’d completely loose my ability to express myself in english ^^. On the other hand, I’m a bit reckless and stress gives me wings, so I might be able to talk to him as I would with a friend, without making a big deal out of it, and even tease him a little :).
    So, it would be something like “moi no speak l’anglais” with an awful french accent or ” Hey, what’s up? You’re fucking tall. And your nose is bigger in real life than on screen. “

  4. I don’t have an answer to this question, either. But I still can’t imagine that I’d ever meet him, so I am allowed to keep deliberating :) And meanwhile I can try out all the options in my fantasies ….

  5. I really don’t think I would be able to say anything to him if I ever met him, but I like the idea of “thank you for being you”…

  6. I would not ask him for an autograph, but I’d ask him to let me shake his hand.. (then I’d probably never wash my hand again…LOL!)

  7. I don’t know what excatly I would say if I met him. ;-) I think I will say that he’s a great actor, that I like what he does, etc.

    I will probably ask him for an autograph and if he agrees to take a picture with me. ;-)

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