30 day Richard Armitage challenge, day #22

Your least favourite photo.

(Picture source)

I don’t know why… But I think this is my least favourite photo. Maybe because the stubble is missing. LOL. I don’t know.

12 thoughts on “30 day Richard Armitage challenge, day #22

  1. I don’t mind RA in the Miss Marple episode, and I’ve written a few posts on it, byt them I’m a hardcore Christie fan, so the pairing is (close to) perfect for me. Shame he wasn’t the killer though.
    My least favorite pics (and there are quite a few) come from his earlier career. I wasn’t a big fan of that student look, and regret they didn’t make him wear John Thornton’s costume during the N&S special features interview ;)

    • I’m a big AC fan but I don’t like the new Marple series because they twist the original stories beyond all recognition. I only saw 1 other episode apart from the one RA was in and disliked it intensely because they put an underplot in it which was so NOT in the book and very much out of place. Why the screenwriters felt the need to “modernize” AC is beyond me.

      • See, that’s why I love the TV adaptation. I know all the stories, and I know ‘whodunnit’, so the producers adding new characters and plots is like when you’ve finished your rum and coke, but then the icecubes melt, and you get a second drink (that’s a reference to the US version of The Office, if anyone’s a fan…) :)

    • I don’t mind RA in the Miss Marple episode, I just don’t like that picture very much… ;-)
      LOL. Oh he is so cute when he’s got that student look!

  2. My least favourite photos are from the Cold Feet promo photoshoot! Unlike Agzy I love the young “puppy dog” RA, and he was very,very sexy as Paul Andrews in BTS and indeed in Cold Feet..

  3. My least favourite shot is from the Cat’s days. He had long hair but not in a good way like Guy’s in S3. If i was going to be analytical i would say he doesn’t look like he has found himself yet – he’s grown the hair to try and fit in with the musical theatre crowd rather than because he really wants long hair.

    But i LOVE the N&S interview stills! He’s so cute by then.

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