GB, the teenage photographer through time

GB stands for Gisborne’s Boy. That I learned pretty recently myself, just wanted to let other people know if you’ve had the same difficulty figuring it out like I did. As some of you may have read -my third (and last) year at school begins next week. I am studying media, with an emphasis in photography. I would love to be a professional photographer one day. It’s hard, though. Few jobs and too many photographers in the world fighting for them all. I don’t want to be a part of that, but I will have to, if I want to make it.

I want to show you all how my development within photography looks like. I don’t think I’ve gained any skills during the years… Might be the other way around in my opinion. Let’s hope not…

Before studying photography, I studied Art & Design between the age of 13 to 16.

It got a bit boring, on and off… I didn’t want to study it another three years so I decided to focus on photography instead since I had that as some sort of hobby through Art school (or whatever to call it). I had no idea how to handle a camera besides pressing the button to take a picture. Of course I learned when the studies began, but I seriously had no idea what I was doing. Except doing something I loved doing, more or less.

These are some of the very first photos I took with my, at that time, new camera.

Continuing doing my thing, taking pictures of things I liked, mostly animals and nature.

Having a thing for colour as young I always tried to play around with that. Creating pictures containing many colours. I never, and I mean never, took black and white photos. Never. I hated black and white when I was younger.

But then I grew up… wanted to play around with something new…

Soon began to create my own photo projects.

You know, the teenage anger, depression, black and white phase… We all have them.

My previous hatred towards black and white suddenly changed and I saw black and white photos as pure art (or something), and I felt the need to mix coloured and black and white photos together.

Did other projects. Lots of travelling too…

During my internship with freelance photographer Stefan Bladh I soon discovered the human being.

Being a very shy person through out my life I’ve never been comfortable enough to photograph people. Always been a worst case scenario for me. The person above is my sister, always eager to be my model. She is even worse nowadays.

Stefan Bladh challenged me, a lot, made me face my fears and contact people I didn’t know. Face the uncomfortable space in front of me and just DO IT.

Now, in the present time and day, I mostly photograph in black and white (but with a coloured back up if I for some reason would have the desire to create a coloured version instead).

This is where I stand. I am eager to find out what this year will provide for me. I haven’t been photographing lately, often use my phone instead, it’s easier. But I hope that will change when school starts. I want my fire back!

Sebastian Roslund © Copyright. All photos used in this post belongs to me. Would you like to use my material for some reason please contact me first. Thank you.

19 thoughts on “GB, the teenage photographer through time

  1. Seba, these photographs are all so beautiful! Even in the early ones, it is clear that you have an innate talent for this art form. The change of pace when school starts, will hopefully get you excited to pick up your camera again.

  2. You are very talented. There’s a serene, timeless quality to a lot of your work. I’m positive you will be famous one day. (And you’re making me homesick for London, damnit! Nope, never lived there which I stranger still.)

  3. Seb, I love to look at photos and to go to photo exhibitions… Your photos show that you’ve really got talent. I particularly like the two portraits of the older women and the older man and of course the photos of London. You’re a creative person and I very much hope you’ll find a job where you can put your creativity to good use!! 😊 xxx

  4. Wow! Your work is really beautiful. I used to work for a professional photographer and believe her work was no better than yours. You are so good!

  5. I was blown away by the quality of the photo’s. I couldn’t pick a favourite as they are all so good. I, too, believe you will be famous one day; i feel like i’m witnessing the beginning of something wonderful for you – i hope so anyway.

    bolly x

  6. Stunning, stunning photos- especially love the ones of animals and the black&white ones. I agree with the other commenters, you are very, VERY talented. Oh and I’m homesick for London all the time- lived there between 1999-2001. Best years of my life. *sigh*

  7. These are really great. It seems like digital photography has really leveled the playing field in terms of technique, so the great photographers of the future will be the ones who really develop their artistic eyes — and you definitely have them.

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  9. Wow! You are definitely gifted. You should be considering some of the fine-arts photography competitions that will get your name and your work in front of a wider audience.

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