Robin Hood Fanfic: One Last Try, Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Right before dinner, Guy was in his room in Locksley Manor. Looking through things in case he would find something he could remember. He soon sat down at the desk and opened one of the drawers; he lifted some papers, moved some parchments. And then he saw something. A small box. He lifted it up and put it down on the desk. He slowly opened the lid and looked inside; a ring, an engagement ring.

“Was I going to propose to someone?” Guy said quietly and picked up the ring. He looked at it, and smiled softly.


Marian was still in Locksley Manor; talking with Thornton.

“Lady Marian, would you like to stay for dinner?” Thornton asked.

Marian smiled. “Thank you Thornton, but the Sheriff’s guards told me I had to be back at the castle tonight” she said.

“I just thought you and Sir Guy had a lot to talk about,” he said.

She looked at her hands and then back at Thornton. “Maybe we have…”

He smiled and went to the kitchen to tell the kitchen staff to prepare dinner for two.

Marian looked at the stairs. Maybe I can talk to him first… she thought as she started to walk up the stairs. She came to Guy’s door; stopped outside and took a deep breath. She softly knocked on the door and stood quiet. She could hear his footsteps coming closer. Why am I nervous? I have known him for years…

She did not even notice Guy had already opened the door and was standing against the door frame staring at her with a smile covering his lips.

“Yes?” he said. “What can I do for you?”

Marian’s head snapped up at the sound of his voice. Oh my God…

His hair was slightly wet and he had it drawn backwards. He was wearing a thin dark grey tunic, she could see a little of his chest, and he was wearing his tight leather trousers. His blue eyes reflected in the water drops that slowly dripped down his face.

Marian gasped and did not know what to do. After some minutes of silence; Marian tried to speak. “Ehm… I was just… I thought that…” Her cheeks became red as she realised she could not make sense out of her sentences.

Guy let out a small chuckle. “Please, come in” he said and opened the door further.

Marian tried to collect herself as she walked into the room.

Guy closed the door behind her and walked towards the desk. “You must be Lady Marian, right?” he said and sat down on a chair.

She stood almost in the centre of the room; just looking at him. “Yes, yes I am Lady Marian” she said; trying not to sound too nervous.

He smiled and met her gaze. “So, what did you want?” he asked and picked up the engagement ring again, studying it.

“I just wa-…” she stopped when she saw the ring. Oh no… No not this… What if he remembers…?

Guy saw the changed expression in her face when he had picked up the ring. She knows something about it…

He stood up and moved towards her; holding out the ring for her. “Do you know if I was going to propose to someone?” he asked.

At that moment Marian wanted to cry. I have to tell him something.

She took the ring and looked at it, and then she looked at him. “Yes, you were going to propose to someone…” she said; knowing it was a lie.

Guy’s mouth opened and he looked at her surprised. “…to whom?” he asked.

She walked closer to him and slowly put the ring on her finger. “Me… You were going to propose to me” she said.

How could she? How can she do this to me?! Robin tightened his grip around the window frame as he watched Marian put her arms around Guy’s neck and kissed him softly on the lips.

She slowly ended the kiss, had her eyes closed and her hands in Guy’s soft hair. His hair was still wet, but she did not mind. She opened her eyes and met his. There was a long silence. They just looked at each other.

Then Guy cleared his throat and drew one of his hands through Marian’s hair. “When I first saw you, I could feel there was something familiar about you. Your eyes… Your smile.” He put one of his hands on her cheek and stroked it carefully. He sighed and watched her. “I am sorry that I cannot remember anything…” he said with a low voice.

Marian put her hand over his and squeezed it. “It is not your fault…”

He smiled. “We will have to start over. Just sit down and talk. Get to know each other…”

Start over… He is right. I cannot lie to him any more… I have to tell him the truth. Later, after dinner… Marian thought as she returned the smile.

A moment later Marian left the room to leave Guy alone to change his clothes for dinner. He could not stop thinking about her. She is my fiancée… My beautiful fiancée. He could feel a bit of pain in his throat, a bit of sadness. But I do not know her. I do not know anything about her! He sat down on the edge of the bed and put his face in his hands. I am not going to cry… Not now. He had tears in his eyes, but they disappeared as he heard something outside the window.

He rose from the bed and walked over to the window. “Who is there?” Guy asked. He did not have a weapon to protect himself with. But he was not afraid at all.

He stepped back a few steps as he saw a hooded figure coming through the open window. Robin took off his hood and jumped down onto the wooded floor. “Well, look at you. All alive and well are you?” the outlaw said and grinned.

Guy raised his eyebrows and looked at the man. “Do I know you?”

Robin looked at him. “Right, so it is true… You do not remember anything? Great.”

“I am sorry but who are you?”

Hood looked him straight into the eyes and smiled with a triumphant expression on his face. “I am Robin Hood, Lady Marian’s husband-to-be and soon to be Lord of this Manor, again.”

Guy had been confused all day, but now… He did not understand anything. He just looked at Robin, did not know how to reply.

“… Marian’s husband to be? I do not understand… She just told me – ”

Robin cut him off. “Don’t you understand? She had to tell you that. She is afraid of you! You are a murderer, a killer. You don’t care for anyone! You are just like the Sheriff himself!”

Robin’s word struck Guy very hard. he could feel pain in his chest, in his head… Everywhere. He had to put a hand on the desk to support himself from not falling. A killer… No… it cannot be. This is not true!

Guy breathed harder now and looked at Robin with painful eyes. “No… You are lying to me… This cannot – ” he could feel he was going to have an enormous headache at any moment now.

Robin walked closer to Guy and grabbed his hair, hard. “You’ll leave Marian alone. Or I will come back. And when I leave that time, you will be in the grave,” Robin whispered harshly into Guy’s ear and pulled him very hard into the chair next to the desk.

Guy could feel his heart in his ears.

Hood went over to the window and then disappeared within seconds.

Guy opened his eyes, his mind spinning. He slowly rose and went to the bed. He lay down, closed his eyes. He was not in the mood for dinner right now…


The next morning, Marian woke up as the sunlight hit her eyes in her bedchamber at the castle. Guy had not come down the day before, so the sheriff’s guards had brought her back to Nottingham.

She sat up in the bed and sighed. Something happened to Guy last night. He did not even say goodbye when I left… I need to see him again, and he is my husband-to-be, so I have a right to see him… She quickly put on one of her beautiful dresses as she walked over to the door and opened it. She started to walk towards the Sheriffs quarters.

“Oi, were do ya think ya goin’?” one of the guards said and went after her.

Marian turned around and looked at the guard. “I am just going to have a few words with the Sheriff…”


Guy stood in the stable outside Locksley Manor. He patted one of the horses. He looked at the big black horse. “You are beautiful…” he said and smiled. But his smile faded quickly as he remembered last night. About Robin Hood… And Lady Marian…

“Mylord,” Thornton said as he walked towards Guy and stopped beside him.

Guy turned his head to Thornton. “Hello Thornton” he said and continued to stroke the horse’s mane.

“He is beautiful, is he not?” Thornton said.

Guy nodded with a smile.

“He is the reason everybody started looking for you. If he had not come back, we would not have known,” Thornton said.

Guy looked at him a little surprised. “This is my horse?”

Thornton looked at him. “Yes it is” he began. “His name is – ”

“Chamsiin, yeah I know. It means desert wind. I remember,” Guy said, looking into his horse’s eyes. “I remember…” he said in a low whisper.


Vasey sat at his desk and whistled. He read through some old documents at the same time. One guard opened the door to the room and Marian entered. Vasey looked up from his work. “Ah, Lady Marian. What a surprise!”

“Mylord,” Marian said and walked over to the empty chair right in front of his desk.

Vasey looked at her up and down. Why is she wearing one of her nicest gowns? And what is that smell?! It smells like…flowers. “And what do you want?” he asked.

“I would like to go and visit Sir Guy…” she began.

“Why? He is not well. He needs to be alone, start remembering things again, soon I hope. That fool…!” the sheriff said with an annoyed voice.

“Please, Mylord. We did not have time to finish our conversation yesterday… And I – ”

“Yes yes, fine. I do not want to hear the rest. You can go to Locksley, and please stay there,” the sheriff said.

“Mylord?” Marian asked, not understanding what he meant.

Vasey sighed. “I want you to stay at Locksley Manor for a few weeks. You are annoying me…” He stood up. “Guards!” he yelled and soon five guards came into the room.

“Take Lady Marian to Locksley. Make sure she has her things with her,” he said and waved them away. When he was alone he smirked. That ring on her finger can only mean one thing…


When Thornton and Guy walked out of the stable, they started talking about things Guy could remember and not.

“So… You do not remember faces, places and old things about your past? Is that right?” Thornton asked, trying to keep up.

“Yes,” Guy simply said.

“But you do remember some names, smells, and other things, like colours and shapes?” Thornton said.

“That is correct,” the knight said, looking down at the table as they sat down.

Thornton could see that something bothered him.

“Sir, are you not glad that you have started to remember things? Soon you will have your memory back.”

Guy looked at him and let out a small sigh. “That is the point Thornton. I do not want to remember my past. I have heard things about me… And I do not want them to be true.”


The carriage stopped outside Locksley Manor and two guards brought Marian out. The other ones were carrying her things. Thornton quickly walked out from the house.

“What is going on here?” he asked looking at Marian, and the guards.

“The sheriff wants Lady Marian in Locksley for some time. We don’t know why,” one guard said sleepily.

As the guards returned to Nottingham Castle, Thornton helped Marian inside.

When her things had been brought up to the guest room she turned to Thornton. “Where is G-… Sir Guy?” she said.

Thornton smiled but she did not notice. “He wanted to be alone for a while, clear his thoughts,” he said and walked over to the table.

“Then maybe now is a good time for me to talk to him…” Marian said and quickly started to walk up the stairs.

“No! Mylady, wait! Do not go in there!” Thornton’s voice did not reach Marian’s ears as she started to open the door.

No one could describe the sight she saw before her eyes.

Guy’s bare and muscled chest gleamed in the sunlight; his hands were running through his wet hair as he stood up in the wooded bathtub, naked. The water was running over his chest, down his abdomen and down to his…

Oh my God… Marian’s mind was spinning, and her eyes captured the sight of manhood.

Guy had not noticed Marian. But when he heard someone gasping for air, he looked over to the door.

“Marian!” he said rather loud as he grabbed the towel and quickly put it around his waist. “What… What are you doing here?” he asked; a little embarrassed.

Marian thought she was going to faint. She put one of her hands over her mouth and stared at him. “I…I-I am … so sorry… I did not know you were… I mean… I should go downstairs,” she said, also embarrassed. She backed out of the room and closed the door behind her.

Guy still stood up in the bathtub with his towel around himself. He soon threw it back on the chair and lowered himself down again into the warm water, resting his head against the edge as he closed his eyes. Marian’s wide eyes and her expression was the only thing on his mind. And that made him smile.


Marian had gone to her room and locked the door. Oh my God! Why did I have to go in there?! He… His body.. His body was gorgeous. And he was… He was… Marian put her hands over eyes. “I cannot think of this now!” she told herself.

A moment later she heard a knock on the door to her chamber. She rose from the bed and walked over to it. “Who is it?” she asked.

“It is me, Guy,” Guy said.

She took a deep breath and opened the door.

“Can I come in?” he asked and looked down at her.

Marian opened the door wider and he walked pass her.

“Thornton told me that the sheriff sent you here. Is that so?” he asked as he stood beside the window.

Marian looked at him. “Yes, it is,” she said. “Sir Guy, I am so sorry for… before…”

He smiled. “No need to be sorry. It is fine,” he walked over her bed and sat down on the edge. “I want you to be honest with me; I want nothing more than the truth,” he began.

Marian moved towards him and sat down next to him. They looked at each other.

“Are you engaged to Robin Hood?”

She was taken by surprise. “No. No I am not,” she said.

He looked at her. “Well, that is not what he told me last night…”

She stared back at him. “He came to see you last night?”

“Yes. And he told me he was your husband-to-be…”

I have to tell him the whole truth. Marian sighed and moved closer to him.

“A few years ago, Robin and I were engaged. We had known each other since we were children. We were in love. Then Robin went to fight in the crusades alongside with King Richard… and we broke off the engagement. He left me here and I thought I was never going to see him again. But then he came back. And you and the new sheriff were in charge. I had put away my feelings for Robin and tried to move on.”

Marian continued: “Then you proposed to me, tried to save me from the sheriff. And I said yes. On the day of our wedding… I left. I left you at the altar.” she had tears in her eyes and she carefully grabbed Guy’s warm hand. “And I am really sorry for that. I did not love you at that time… But, now… I do. I really do.” Her tears started to fall and Guy swept them away with his thumb.

“Why? I was… I am a ruthless killer…” he said and took away his hand.

Marian covered his hand with her own. “Deep down I know you can be a good man. As you are now, kind. Tender. Sweet… I know you can be all those things and more… but only if you want to,” she said.

“You really have faith in me?” Guy asked. Her words had truly hit his heart.

Marian smiled and nodded. “I think I do.”

His lip curled into a sweet smile and he lowered his head toward hers. He just looked at her; they were only a few inches away from each other. Then their lips met. It started as a very tender and sweet kiss. Both had their eyes closed. When it started to get too intense they broke the kiss and looked at each other; both smiling.

Guy looked down at his hands and then back at her. “So, tell me more about this sheriff person…”


Additional note: So, this is the third chapter of my fanfic One Last Try. I will publish a new chapter every Monday for the next couple of months. I really hope you all will enjoy this story. I wrote this one many years ago, if you have comments about grammar, spelling or things like that – please, save it. I know. English is not my native tongue, I don’t need to have it thrown in my face. LOL! Besides, I wrote this when I was very young. And even though I’ve been editing the story I can still miss things. I’ve tried NOT to edit too much, because I want to save the story. I mean I can start changing LOTS of things in this story but it wouldn’t be the same. But yes, read, enjoy, leave comments, whatever you want!

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  1. Just to let you know, I’m one of the other readers!! ;-) I love this story. This is soooo sentimental…. Looking forward Seb…

  2. This is just SO sweet. Too bad that you had to erase Guy’s memories to get him there, but beautiful, nonetheless.

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