An Unexpected Journey Through The Hobbit Annual 2013

Got my copy in the mail today.
I did not only buy this book because of the texts & pictures,

but because I think the book itself is really beautiful.

Just a few pictures a took whilst acting like a total fanboy. I love it, though. And like I said, the book is oh so beautiful. Wish I had the power to create a book like this. Just lovely. If you haven’t purchased The Hobbit annual yet – you should. I won’t be doing any of the ‘fun stuff’ in this book (puzzles, crosswords, and so on), but just looking at it… makes it all worth it.

16 thoughts on “An Unexpected Journey Through The Hobbit Annual 2013

  1. I received my Hobbit Annual today as well. That was really quick delivery from good old Amazon England. Haven’t got time to look properly, but as there is a WE ahead I will then indulge myself with abundant crop of hair. Oh,Thorin, I need to get to know you better…….

  2. I have always loved beautiful books–those that contain not only good stories/info, but also lovely illustrations on good-quality paper that is well-bound. It is an extra sensory experience to handle such books. That is one thing I do miss about e-books and treasure about traditional books. I eagerly look forward to receiving my own copy later this month. Thanks for heightening the anticipation, Gisby! :D

    • Sorry if I spoiled all the fun. ;-)
      I miss traditional books. Sure, they are still here, but it’s not the same thing any more. I’m working on two books myself, and one of the best parts of the whole thing is to actually be able to HOLD it in your own hands, you know? I LOVE that. And this book is so, so gorgeous. I love it, and I wish there was more books with this kind of quality.

  3. That looks beautiful! The quality looks great, the images are stunning. I’m not planning on ordering a copy for myself, but who knows? I’m a bit afraid to start buying the Hobbit and Thorin merch, as we’re going to be showered with them closer to Dec. and I’m not sure my budget will stand it!
    I wouldn’t mind a Little Guy or Thorin doll, although I’m a bit afraid what I’d make them do, based on my experience of my long suffering Ken doll (BTW, it’s nothing sexual, so get your mind out of the gutter…) :)

    • LMAO…… Oh you…
      Oh yes… I know what you mean. I will be totally broke. RA has made me spend loads of money during the years already, in one way or another. LOL. I would love a Little Guy doll. I wanted one at the age of 13, and I STILL want one. Wanted to find one in a store here in Sweden since it said the did sell Little Guy dolls in a store 30 minutes away or something. But I haven’t gotten there yet and I doubt I ever will. But I still want that stupid doll and I will love it and take care of it and and and… Yeah…

      • I sooooo want a Guy doll! I’ve been observing a local auction, but they only have stupid Robin Hood and Vasey dolls :( If you ever get to that store, let me know! I’ll transfer the money so you can get me one!
        Id I do get Little Guy, I’d HAVE to get little Thorin to keep him company!

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  5. Mine arrived yesterday, also! Color me surprised!!! Delivery was expected end of September-beginning of October.

    This is a beautiful keepsake. First pass through, the thing that struck me most is the quality that went into creating this book. Heavy stock paper, glorious color.

    I’m still in sensory overload … concert, lots of new pressies (and it’s not even an event of any kind ;) ), being off from work for the week … so I’ve put the Annual away until I have “come down” from my “high.” Then I’ll break it out of its cardboard protector and give it the attention it deserves. Somebody tell it to quit calling me. :)

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    • Were there any pictures of goblins or wargs or anything like that? I’ve been looking everywhere on the internet but I can’t find the answer.

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